Are you seeing a lot of pretty brunettes ladies out with business dates in London?

When you are in business, you may want to enjoy having an attractive lady on your arm from time to time. Dating for business has become very popular in London, and most top escorts agencies such as Surbiton escorts, make sure that they have escorts available for businessmen. The girls often stand out in a crowd, and will not be so hard to spot on the Surbiton escorts website.


How do you spot a business escort? Most businessmen would probably look for a more sophisticated escort for a business date. Sure, it is okay if she still looks sexy, but at the same time, she should not look like a complete sex kitten.  Her dress needs to be different from the way escorts normally dress. For instance, very short skirt and stockings showing, is not on the list. Neither are stilettos and a bra on show. In general, most businessmen would like his girl to look like a genuine girlfriend. Most girls at Surbiton escorts from who date for business purposes have taken that onboard.


It may sound silly, but I do think that brunette girls make better escorts for businessmen than blond girls. Sure, I like to hook up with the blond girls at Surbiton escorts on my personal dates. After all they can be rather exciting to spend time with. However, when it comes to business dating I do like to date brunettes. I just think that they are better at holding a conversation than blondes. I am not saying that blondes are not smart, I just think that they are different.


Do I ever arrange blond dates for my business colleagues? Yes, I do when I know that a gent really enjoys the company of a blond lady, I make sure that I ask for a blond girl. There are a couple of blondes at Surbiton escorts who are really good at business dates and most of the time, I ask them to join us. So far I have not had any complaints at all and from what I can, the businessmen who like to date blondes have enjoyed the girls company.


Does it cost more to date brunette escorts at Surbiton escorts? It does not cost more per hour to date brunette escorts from the escort agency in Surbiton. But in general business dating is not cheap and you want to be careful how you spend your money. Above all make sure that you get the right girls to do the job for you. Once the escort agency know that you need a lot of escorts you may even get special rates. I believe in loyalty so I use the same escort agency all of the time. The girls at the escort agency in Surbiton have all provided a very good and dedicated service and I have no plans at all to change the escort service that I am using.



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