Escorts in History

History gives us an interesting insight into the life of escorts. We often think that companions, or escorts such charlotte escorts at, is a recent creation but it certainly isn’t.

The history of escorts go back to ancient timea, and in historic records it was first mentioned around 3000 BC when the Egyptian kings, or Pharaohs, mention taking female companions to dinner. The description of what was known as the “Sisterhood” sounds very much like escorts.

In Egyptian Times

Escorts in ancient Egypt seem to have been in high demand. They were companions who escorted, entertained and looked after visitors to important Egyptian towns or Pharaoh’s palace. Officially they were called the “Sisterhood” and seemed to have been very well respected.

The ancient Egyptian escorts lived within the palace walls but not as part of the general household. They appeared to have had their own quarters along with many of the other officials of the court. It sound very much like they offered a service to the court.

Duties of ancient Egyptian Escorts

These ladies certainly were not prostitutes, this was something rather different back them. Instead them seemed to have had a rather high standing in the court, and to have been an integral part of life.

In Egyptian art they are often portrayed as being very well dressed, serving food and wine to visitors and bathing with them. Bathing was an essential part of Egyptian life, and escorts bathing with visitors give us some indication of their status.

Egyptian escorts also had many other duties. They joined visitors for dinner, offered massages and seemed to have cared for their every need. Massage in ancient Egypt was an art form, and this is something which seem to have been carried through to modern times. Escorts in Egypt still offer a massage service.

Temples and Escorts

Many of the escorts also seemed to have had some religious duties. They are often described as visiting the Temple of Isis which means they worshiped the sacred feminine, or as we know her today, the Goddess Isis.

The cult of Isis instructed its followers in the use of aromatherapy oils, massage and how to soothe the stressed and tired. Perhaps these ancient Egyptians were trained by the priestesses of Isis and spent a lot of time in temples training.

escorts today
escorts today

Massage in ancient Egypt

The art of massage was a vital skill to have in ancient Egypt. Many travelers arrived in the Kingdom wary from long journeys to reach what was then one of the most influential parts of the world. Their poor bones most have been aching, and they must have longed for a bath.

It was the job of the women to administer to them and take care of them after they had presented themselves at the court. Visitors were bathed, massaged with scented oils and given somewhere to rest and a chance to recover. It seems that often a beautiful companion accompanied them, and perhaps it was one of our ladies.

We often presume that what we encounter is something new, but we should ask ourselves if it is just not a re-invention of a concept and lifestyle which has been with us since ancient times.

Is Your Sex Toy Truly Safe?

In a country where politicians are uncomfortable hearing the “V” word, it’s no surprise that there is little regulation of the adult toy industry, let alone ample research available on the effects of toys on the human body. We are talking about putting these objects into one of the body’s most sacred places. I don’t know about you, but I would want some pretty extensive research done on a product that you’re putting “down there.” According to a 2009 study on the use of vibrators among American women, over 52% of American women are shaking in their drawers, so to speak. Millions of people use adult toys, and the government turns its back because they get an erection when they hear the work “vagina.”

The thing is, these products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration because they are considered “novelty items.” Therefore, they are not required to be tested for internal use. This allows manufacturers to fill their dildos, vibrators, and cock rings with chemicals that could potentially be harmful to your health! There are people using these toys who are having allergic reactions ranging from itching to upper respiratory infections to even sometimes worse side effects. Meanwhile, many doctors often do not realize that the reaction was caused by a cheaply-made adult toy.

I know what you’re thinking: “How do I know what brands and retailers use safe materials?” Or, “How are people not being educated on how can they protect themselves?” There is a test that retailers and reviewers use to see how pure the material is. The test is conducted by placing the sex toy over an open flame. If the toy is not pure silicone, it will begin to melt. There are plenty of reputable, honest reviewers on the web who speak openly about sex toy materials. Do a little research before you make your next purchase, and stop to consider what it is exactly that you are putting into your body.

It’s important for sex toy users to gain some knowledge about safe materials, like glass, metal, silicone ceramic and even treated wood. Since the public education system does not have this type of information readily available, it is something we have to research and seek out for ourselves. Many reviewers and enthusiasts make lists of companies they trust. It’s just a matter of sending an email or private message to them on a blog or social network. Take a second to think next time before you purchase one of these products from a retail store. Think to yourself: “Am I sure this is the toy I really want?” and, if so, research it before dropping your hard-earned cash on something that could possibly make you sick.