Do you treat gents differently?

I have been escorting for some time, but the other day we had a new girl join us at Woodford escorts. She seems to be a really sweet girl, but at the same time, it sounds like she is a bit of a greedy girl. One of the first things she asked me was if I treat gents differently. Well, all of the gentlemen I meet at Woodford escorts in are special to me and they are unique so I do treat them a little bit different I guess.



What my new friend here at Woodford escorts meant as something totally different. In fact she was asking me about tips in a roundabout sort of way. She wanted to know if I treat gentlemen differently who give me good tips all of the time. Well, I have to be honest and say that I would not really want to do so, but it jsut happens. When I date a gent who is a good tipper on a regular basis, I may treat a little bit differently. After all, it is just human nature. I may smile a little bit more and perhaps give him a treat or two.


We do get gentlemen who give us presents. I don’t what I prefer. It is nice to get tips but sometimes it i rea lly nice to get a present. Some escorts who work for really exclusive escort agencies may get very expensive presents, and there are escorts who aim to become elite escorts just to get nice presents. I have never had any super expensive presents at Woodford escorts, but I have had some rather nice ones. I know that I have been lucky and been able to date some very nice gents at the escort agency in Woodford.


You will also get gents treating you to things like spa days. Out of all of the tips that I get at Woodford escorts, I think that I appreciate my special spa days and beauty days most of all. It gives me a chance to fit in some me time, and when you work hard for an escort agency in London, it is really nice to be able to do so, and I think that I do make a special fuss out of the gents who like to give me special spa day treats.


However, I do try to be careful. You never know if gents speak to each other. I do a lot of business dating and I know that many of the gents who enjoy the company of Woodford escorts are in business. I am not sure, but I have this feeling that they speak to one another. Sometimes, it is better to be safe than sorry and not say any to try to make one particular gentleman. Yes, there are some gents which In think are very special but I do try to keep my feelings to myself which is not very easy at all times.


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