They Look Like Children Its Disgusting

We seem to have a law for everything these days, and I really think that we have enough law to govern us. However, even I know that we need our laws, and I also appreciate that there are some laws which are lacking. I have worked for London escorts and in the adult industry in London for some time, and there are a lot of people out their who actually do still try to flaunt the law. For instance, I think sex dolls looking like children should be banned. They only encourage men and women who think it is okay to enjoy sex with minors.

Most of the girls here at London escorts feel the same way. I am not saying that all sex dolls should be banned, but I certainly think that the sex dolls who look like children should be removed from the marketplace. They are often sold under the counter in sex shops in London, and you can also buy them on the Internet. One of the girls who I work with at London escorts, even had an advert come up for young looking sex dolls as she was shopping for lingerie on a web site. She is not the only girl who works for charlotte action escorts to have come across adverts for young looking sex dolls. In general, I think that most girls who work for London escorts have a pretty strong moral code. A lot of our dates probably would not think that we do, but the truth is you come across a lot of things when you work for a London escorts service that you may not be happy about.

I have seen so much stuff that I think is borderline that I do wonder what other stuff is out there. What should you do if you come across something which concerns you? I was telling one of my dates at London escorts that you can actually call the police. There are a couple of hot lines which are open 24 hours per day, and you don’t have to give your name. I have called a couple of times when I have seen very young girls working on the streets here in London. The service has been very professional and I would not hesitate to all again. I am sure that other girls at charlotte action escorts have done the exact same thing. We do talk about these things, and most of the girls I know here at London escorts, are aware that there is a lot of stuff going on which the police may not be aware. We never used to have sex slaves in London, but over the last few years, Romanian gangs have brought in a lot of underage prostitutes to the UK. When I come across them, I always make sure that I report the situation to the police. It is not the girls fault, and they should not be punished for what they have been made to do.